The Dinner of the ShiSai 2019 Conference

Jan 14,2020

The annual party from 2019 to SHISAI Optoelectronics was solemnly held on the afternoon of January 14, 2020. All the members of SHISAIi Optoelectronics toast together to congratulate the successful conclusion of 2019, and look forward to a good journey in 2020.

That night, everyone gathered together and drink together to celebrate the ceremony. At the beginning of the party, the chairman Mr. Kasuga presented "Excellent Employee Award" and prizes to outstanding employees in the company. As an enterprise that has always conveyed its excellent ideas, this year the company specially set up a lottery to encourage employees to lead active and healthy lives.
Looking back on 2019, SHISAI fighting together and achieve one and one goal; in the new year, all employees of SHISAI Optoelectronics will be accompanied by passion and challenges, not forgetting their original intentions, and striving forward to welcome the arrival of 2021.

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